Stripping Tile Flooring assures the absolute removable of the dirty and discolored existing wax. All floor areas are then completely sealed, closing the pores of the tile, preventing dirt and stains from penetrating the surface. We then apply multiple layers of new wax. This procedure is an excellent base for our propane burnishing and maintaining system.

Maintaining Tile Floors is done by our burnishing system. We first sweep the floor to remove debris. The floor is then thoroughly cleaned and then treated with a finish restorer, which will fill in surface scratches and act as a shining booster. Our floor finish was developed to respond to the hi-speed propane burnishing buffers, which we use. This system will produce a very durable mirror-like finish that is slip-resistant.

Hot Foam Shampooing and Steam Extraction is our system we use for carpet cleaning.
We pre-treat all spills, stains and high traffic areas with a stain remover to loosen its bond from the fibers. We follow with a rotary machine, which scrubs and separates the fibers allowing us to penetrate the nap of the carpet. The machine generates foam, which lifts and traps the dirt. We follow up with a very powerful steam extraction machine the removes the now suspended dirt.


Power Washing of decks, fences, patios, walkways, concrete, pool areas, siding, ect. We use an extremely powerful 3600 psi machine, which is designed to render the ultimate result. The pressure of the water is injected deep into the pores, driving out dirt, mildew and mold that is trapped below the surface. The visual results are dramatic. With wood products we then apply protective sealers and or colored stains to guard against moister and UV sun damage.
Office Cleaning procedures are custom designed to satisfy the particular needs of each facility. Prior to starting a contract we produce in writing a list of all the areas to be serviced, including all furniture, fixtures, ect. which we are responsible to clean. 


Ultrasonic Cleaning of Blinds, Fire and Water damaged electronics and other intricate personal items is one of our specialties. We are schooled and certified as Ultrasonic Restoration professionals. We have state of the art ultrasonic cleaning tanks in varied sizes and shapes to accommodate almost any item. As a result of our expertise and technique, combined with the proper equipment and specialty chemicals, most items with smoke, soot or water damage can be restored to a condition that it was before it was damaged. Ultrasonics produce no pitting, scratching or scarring and cleans without the use of harsh abrasives. The types of items we can restore are limitless. Televisions, Computers, Gaming systems, practically any and all Electronics and Appliances. Also Blinds, Fabric Shades, Heirlooms, and Antiques.

Our prices are competitive, and our service is superior. We are looking forward to being of service to you, and welcome the opportunity of proving that OUR NAME DESCRIBES OUR RESULTS - NU-LOOK!